Wenger Residence

Built by: Wenger Construction (2012)
Corvallis, OR

1,800 square feet
4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths
ENERGY STAR® Certified

It’s one thing to build a high performance home for your customers. It’s quite another to build one for yourself. At Wenger Construction, our latest project in Corvallis, Ore., is an energy-efficient home that we ourselves would live in. And in fact, we do.

Our company was selected to team up with NEEA and participating utilities to evaluate a variety of efficient new home building products and techniques. We decided to evaluate our own home to see firsthand which methods worked better than others and to compare the cost-effectiveness and the workability of various products.

By testing new equipment for heating, cooling and increased air quality in our home, we were able to advance our understanding of these systems. In personally monitoring our electrical usage for over a year, we saw the effectiveness of our system and were able to adjust and make changes as problems arose.

At Wenger Construction we look forward to integrating these new ideas into our homebuilding business as we strive to achieve the cutting edge of high performance homes.