Gilman/Waldman Residence

Built by: Bridgewater Innovation Builders (2013)
Whitefish, MT

1,610 square feet
2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bath

An innovative project by Bridgewater Innovation Builders in collaboration with the NEEA and its utility partners, this home demonstrates the most advanced techniques and considerations for enhancing the energy efficiency and comfort of a new home in the Northwest region.

This home features many energy-efficient building techniques such as advanced wall framing and insulation, super-tight air sealing, high-performance windows, a ductless heating and cooling system, a heat recovery ventilation system and a heat pump water heater. Combined, these features result in a more comfortable home, excellent air quality and lower monthly energy costs.

Based in Whitefish, Mont., Bridgewater Innovation Builders has been building energy-efficient homes for the past 12 years.