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ENERGY STAR projects permitted on or after January 1, 2016

To earn the ENERGY STAR® label, new single-family and multifamily homes must be built to ENERGY STAR guidelines found on the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Northwest landing page.  

Check with local utilities for incentive opportunities for single-family or multifamily homes. For a single-family ENERGY STAR home to qualify for incentives, the Rater must: certify the home according to national guidelines; generate a Northwest Compliance Report as described in the archived Northwest Program Requirements for Single-Family Homes consistent with the Northwest REM/Rate Modeling Guidelines; and enter the home in the Axis database. For multifamily homes to quality for incentives, the Rater must: certify the homes according to one of the Northwest Multifamily Builder Option Packages (BOPS), NW MF BOP 1 or NW MF BOP 2; and enter the units in the Axis database.

All ENERGY STAR single-family and multifamily homes qualifying for utility incentives via the single-family Northwest Compliance Report or the multifamily BOPs, and entered into Axis, must be completed and certified by September 30, 2016.

The Axis database may be used to enter, report and manage national non-incentivized ENERGY STAR certified homes. Please check with your Northwest RESNET Provider for more information.

ENERGY STAR projects permitted prior to January 1, 2016

Follow the archived Northwest Program Requirements for Single-Family Homes and Northwest REM/Rate Modeling Guidelines or the Northwest Multifamily BOPs, NW MF BOP 1 or NW MF
. All projects permitted prior to January 1, 2016 and using Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes specifications must be entered and certified in the Axis database by September 30, 2016.

If you have questions, please consult the FAQ and Northwest Directory. The Northwest Directory contains contact information for the national ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program, RESNET, H-QUITOs and other voluntary green building certification programs in the Northwest. 

Many of the resources listed below are specific to the Northwest and may not be applicable to the national ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program. 

Title Description Updated File
HRV System Best Practices Educational tool to help builders and HVAC contractors understand key considerations for system selection, duct design and installation, and testing and commissioning. 05/05/2015 Download
Thermal Enclosure: Efficient Walls and Airtightness poster Highlights, details and best practices for energy-efficient wall assemblies, advanced wall framing and proper air-sealing techniques. 04/08/2015 Download
Ground/Water Source Heat Pump Commissioning Form 12/30/2014 Click Here
Air Source Heat Pump Commissioning Form 12/30/2014 Click Here
Cost Data Addendum (with guidelines) This addendum is designed to give the appraisal industry local cost data info that will more accurately reflect the true incremental construction costs for upgrading to energy-efficient features in new construction homes. Includes guidelines. 12/02/2014 Download
Multifamily Sampling Protocol

The sampling protocol outlines a streamlined verification process for Multifamily buildings

10/08/2014 Download
Provider Contact List

List of NEEA and RESNET approved Rating Providers.  

06/20/2014 Download
HVAC Design Training

This PowerPoint presentation was shown during the HVAC Design training in Portland, OR on May 29, 2014.

06/03/2014 Download
EPS Field Guide - For Energy Trust of Oregon

The recommendations in this guide can be used to improve energy performance and meet Energy Trust program participation requirements.

04/07/2014 EPS Field Guide
Technical Details Template and User Guide 10/15/2013 Download


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