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As an ENERGY STAR® partner, you have access to a variety of no-cost resources that will help educate homebuyers about the value of an ENERGY STAR home and set your company apart from other homebuilders.

ENERGY STAR offers marketing resources, including a sales training kit, ENERGY STAR marks, an infographic, fact sheets and materials for co-branding. A robust communications toolkit is also available to make it easy to create and execute your strategic communications campaign to promote your partnership with ENERGY STAR.

You can also visit the ENERGY STAR Partner Resources page and log in to your My ENERGY STAR Account for sales and advertising materials and resources.

Please feel free to send any questions to energystarhomes@energystar.gov.

Title Description Updated File
Callout Cards

Callout cards can be placed throughout the home to highlight the features and benefits of ENERGY STAR; set of 10

06/01/2015 Download
Origami Program Benefits Flyer

One-page program benefits overview; folds into origami house

06/01/2015 Download
Homebuyer Guide

Booklet providing more detailed information on the features and benefits of the program for potential buyers or new homeowners.

06/01/2015 Download
Performance Home Pilot Booklet As part of an innovative pilot program, an exclusive group of Northwest homes were designed to be healthier, more durable and more energy efficient than standard new construction. 03/25/2015 Download
Program Technical Overview Flyer

Overview of the technical standards, home features and benefits of the program

11/11/2014 Download
Ductless In New Construction Flyer

Overview of the benefits of eliminating ductwork in new construction

11/11/2014 Download

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